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17th May 2006

11:26am: i chanjd my user info! i added sum tickrz and blinkys and stuf.

oh itz so sad kaylie-ann has asma now. gud thing we hav inshirins!

itz tu bad itz wenzday.. the bars have lame old pepul waching sportz tonite. i gess i wil hav to stay home. ug.

13th May 2006

9:01am: wow, her i am back agen. it has bin a wil sins i coud aford inrnet. espeshilly with the new baybe and all!!!111 i cant beleev i hav 2 kids alreddy. kaylie-ann just tuned 2 2 months ago! and jaden is 3 monts! i should fix my user boi haha im not 19 enymore. heehee. and john? omg that's old news!

2nd September 2004

8:21pm: haha so i actually saw kevin teh othir day (kaylie-anns dad) he usually hides whn i drop off kaylie-ann (cuz his parents babysit) but he wasnt in his room this time. so hes all like wtf? why cant you make that thing shut up? im like well i cant help it shes constipated it makes her crabby all the time. i try to give her more juicce but it doesnt always help. waatevir. his parents think hell come round eventally. loozir.

14th August 2004

3:30pm: haha, this iz cyoot!
Lilypie Baby Days

i cant believ itz been this long allredy! my baybe is growing up so fast!
3:14pm: i cant beleve it!!
john wantz to braek up with me!! he sez he hadd a fun tiem here BUT he just met some othir gurl that livez by him and he wantz to ask her out cuz then hed have a gf he culd see all the tiem. arrgh!!

stupid boyz. im pretty sure i hate all men now.

20th July 2004

2:36pm: well, itz been a wile since ive written, but i have no online friendz neway so wat duz it matter!

my boyfriend caem 2 visit!!! he stayed for 2 months (i gess u can do that when you dont have 2 work liek i do...) and it waz soooo gr8!!!! i even got kaylie-ann *completely* weened onto formula be4 he came so he wouldnt have to see gross milk coming out of my boobs. heh. i never even told him i ever brestfed cuz he would probalby think that waz gross or be jelous or somthing.

neway... now hes gone and i miss him soooo much! i hope he can visit again soon!!! i luv you so much john!!!!!!!!

20th April 2004

4:46pm: OMG i can't believe what happened yesterday! i had 2 go 2 work again, for the first day since having kaylie-ann, and her grama watched her.. she cried the whole time!! i cant believe she didn't want the bottle. i wish i could have fed her formula from the beginning, because now she doesnt want it! oh well, she'll get hungry eventually! i have 2 work again 2nite!

13th April 2004

4:20pm: wow i just IMed with John for like 3 hours!! OMG im so in love its crazy!! i cant wait till he comes here 2 visit he said it should be soon he just has 2 sell some more stuff on ebay liek CDs and stuff so he can get the money since he doesnt have a job right now.
it's hard to type with a baby in ur lap i cant wait to get some formula so i can teach kaylie-ann 2 hold a bottle herself.
Current Mood: anxious

12th April 2004

8:13pm: hey this is my first journal enty so i don't knwo what 2 say. I'm new and i hope 2 make some new friends online since i have 2 be home all the time 2 watch my new baby gurl. except when I go 2 work, but i don't go back until next week. so yeah i don't knwo what else 2 say.
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